040 X 040 – Creative Exchange between Hamburg & Malmö

040×040 is a series of community-driven gatherings for creatives and innovators from Hamburg and Malmö. The inter-city exchange started in 2015 and is a very personal experience with two days of exchange, creative work and jam sessions, visits to local companies & agencies as well networking and matchmaking. The event alternates between Hamburg and Malmö on a year-to-year basis. By the way: 040 is the dialing code for both cities – Hamburg as well as Malmö. A coincidence?


„Think of it as a picnic for ideas and exchange – we provide the blanket and every participant is invited to contribute something to experience and discuss.“ — 040×040


IMG_2335_MK_040x040 IMG_2299_MK_040x040 IMG_2072_MK_040x040 IMG_1899_MK_040x040 IMG_1767_MK_040x040Photos: 040×040