4531km was a Roadtrip & sequence of cultural events through Europe. The two week journey with a Nightlines Bus was documented by the whole crew via a wordpress plug-in, that was created and developed for the 4531km project. The content is collected in a timeline and a map. The open source plug-in can be downloaded on github.


Demonstration of the 4531km plugin


„4531km is a Nightliner bus tour by Berlin Creatives through Europe from 29th September to 13th October – starting in Berlin and ending in Thessaloniki. The 4531km crew is taking on an trans-border experiment into a seemingly familiar but largely unknown region together with like-minded, but not so well known fellow travellers. The entire journey will be documented and can be tracked in real time via the web.“ — 4531km Organizers

„On the one hand the journey itself serves to help us to get to know each other and explore common grounds and opportunities, that might not be encounterd while staying at home in Berlin. On the other hand we want to connect with other creative Europeans, who are  moving things forward, striving for a civic engagement, creative commons and a collaborative society & economy. We want to exchange and learn about their projects, approaches motivations and challenges.

To facilitate dialogue and exchange, we will host several events and participatory activities to invite locals to exchange with us. Those activities are as diverse as our crew, which is ranging from  journalists, writers, media professionals, entrepreneurs to designers. Some of our events will be planned, others will be more random to leave room for serendipity.“

Screenshots of the Maps documenting the 4531km road trip with the wordpress-plugin.

More Information: 4531km.eu

Concept & Implementation: Claudia Brückner & Andreas Gebhard