Unconvention Factory

The all2gethernow Camp – the central annual event of the all2gethernow platform, think tank and club for new strategies in music culture and the music industry had two parts: One part focusing on economic, cultural, social, political, technical and artistic questions from a strategic and theoretical point of view with inputs and workshops.  The other part – the Unconvention Factory – tackled those questions from a highly practical perspective by producing an music LP within 24 hours. A studio space got set up to run the whole production process – from recording, mastering, album and cover design, website and digital download to the album release. Every participant was invited to involve themselves with their own skills and become a part of the production process.

This highly interactive and hands on format facilitated interaction between the participants of the a2n camp as well as all the involved artists. Learned theories and strategies could instantly be applied and the topic and claim of all2gethernow „reducing distance between artist and fan“ could be experienced.

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All photos by Dieter Hengler – more infos & pictures at the all2gethernow website.