Deliverance – art stripped bare

Deliverance is a live-art piece by three Australians. The idea of the performance is best described in this quote from the artists blog:

„Deliverance is a live-art piece that disrupts life’s regular patterns to ask a city: How do you live?“

The rules for this are simple: The three artist won’t leave a field of around 30 square for 240 hours  (only exception: going to the toilet) and totally depend on what the people of Berlin bring to them, since they start out with nothing – no clothes, no food, no shelter. As they never ask for anything specific, what they get completely lies in the hands of the audience and their empathy and imagination. And – last rule – whatever object is brought into the patch has to stay for the duration of the piece. Therefore the – constantly changing – artwork is exhibiting the interaction of the audience with it and will be shaped due to their interventions.

More infos about Deliverance: http://deliverance-art.tumblr.com

Bildschirmfoto-2012-09-12-um-23.55.13 Bildschirmfoto-2012-09-12-um-23.57.15 Bildschirmfoto-2012-09-12-um-23.54.35 Bildschirmfoto-2012-09-12-um-23.59.15

Photos: Timor Kodal