Event Stakeholders & Gender Equality

Gender Equality is a topic you can not ignore if you are an Experience Designer, Event Curator or Workshop Facilitator. Besides pushing gender equality to develop more equal society, if it comes to people getting together, exchanging and working together, it is no secret, that diversity and interdisciplinary are key.

In his article Let’s get rid of all-male panels – How to create more gender equal conferences – Manuel Großmann from Service Design Berlin gives a very hands-on description of how to tackle gender equality at conferences, sharing insights how the Service Design Berlin team does it for their Service Experience Camp and how the got rid of #allmalepanels at their event.

7 suggestions from the Service Experience Camp-Team:
1. Have women in your founding team
2. Push for an equal amount of female speakers
3. Stick to your values
4. Pay attention to details — especially language
5. If you have to discriminate, then discriminate against men for a change
6. Be aware of gender clichés at volunteer activities
7. Get started now


A non all-male panel at the Service Experience Camp 2015 Photo: Service Design Berlin

A movement that points towards the same direction — but not from the organizers, but speakers point of view — finds even stronger words: Death to the all male panelStarted by Sree Sreenivasan, the chief digital officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who explains that he will no longer speak at nor attend panels that are made up of all men: “I have decided the only way to do something is to call out the organizers who put these on. I call them out privately, but I am trying to make a point.”

As an Experience Designer, you are the one who is responsible for creating the Event Experience. And Diversity and Gender Equality are not some minor nice-to-have parts of it, but one of the key aspects to develop an open, inclusive and diverse experience, that every participant can enjoy and get the most out of. Make sure, you take this in to consideration from the very beginning by making it one of your values and goals. If this is the case, Diversity and Gender Equality will be reflected in the tools (like Stakeholder Maps) your are using and you will be aware of it when designing and planning the touchpoint of your Event Experience.