The Indie Conference Organizer Handbook

Max Krüger and Peter Bihr teamed up to write a handbook for indie conference organizers: The Indie Conference Organizer Handbook – A practical guide to running your very own indie conference. Both Indie Conference Organizers themselves – running various events (like UIKonf or ThingsCon) without a professional background in event management. In the handbook, they share their experiences and learnings and give very practical tipps how to organize an event yourself. You can get the handbook here.


„Why write a book about how to run a conference? It’s simple: When we first set out to organize our own events, we wished we had a book like this ourselves. Instead, we asked lots and lots of more experienced people for advice – people we will forever be grateful to. Now, a few years in, and with a number of conferences under our collective belts, we realized that we have somehow turned into these more experienced people. We felt it was time to give something back, to make it easier for those planning to organize an event around a topic close to their hearts. The hope is that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, and with some luck, you can profit from our mistakes (there were many). In some sense, we made these mistakes so you don’t have to.

– Peter Bihr