The Serendipity Machine

The Book The Serendipity Machine – A Disruptive Business Model for Society 3.0 by Sebastian Olma is not only an analysis of the co-working space Seats2meet, but a great source to understand how places – digital and physical – must work in the digital age. You can get it here.


Illustration from the book „The Serendipity Machine“ by Yulia Kryazheva


„About a decade ago, American business guru Joe Pine coauthored The Experience Economy, a book that transformed everyone’s understanding of the economy by showing that successful businesses were no longer primarily creating products and services but experiences. In his latest book, Infinite Possibility, Pine argues that in the digital age, creating experiences is increasingly about reaching what he calls a third space. A third space is what emerges when digital technology fuses the real and the virtual in such a way that an unprecedented customer experience is created. Third spaces arise at the digital frontier, where technology enables the imagination to create new worlds by bringing together reality and virtuality. Pine’s objective is to push companies to realize the infinite possibilities that might be waiting for them beyond the digital frontier. […] The reason Pine has such a strong following at is that the company sees its business as a practical evolution of what the American urbanist Ray Oldenburg calls a third place : a location that has elements of both home and the workplace. Of course, does offer spaces that combine the disciplined atmosphere of the workplace with the laid-back feel of home. However, digital technology and social media permeate this third place to the extent that it is lifted out of the purely physical dimension of place. The third place becomes a third space.“

— Sebastian Olma.