Why TED is not avantgarde

Of course you have heard about TED. Despite of its success and prominence, the format itself – prescribed and performed talks – are not that innovative. Although the content might be inspiring, the format itself ist not very interactive, as the audience is supposed to passively sit and listen quietly to one TED Talk (basically just a fancy word for Keynote) the main time.

TED is doing a great job training its speakers to give an impressive keynote, although maybe they went to far with standardizing, as almost every TED talk tends to replicate the same structure (personal story of an individual, how they were overcoming challenges and how this lead them into final success…). While the TED online videos work great as a source of inspiration for a wide range of topics and trends, the TED live-experience is pretty old-school.

Here are some additional critical voices about TED: Benjamin Bratton’s TED-Talk <sic!>: What’s Wrong with TED Talks? as well as this article We need to talk about TED.